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Now the Olympics Are Sexist… Thank You Feminist For Being Dumb As Rocks!

August 20, 2016

“Feminism’s Breaking News”… The Olympic Coverage Is Sexist! Down With Those Evil Men… According to the Huffingtion Post writer Jenaveve Hatch, the media coverage of the 2016 Olympics is completely sexist.  So who is to blame for this latest brand of sexism? Well, of course, its the “good old boys” keeping with the patriarchy....
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Attractive School Teacher Who Had Sex With Students Blames The Parents

April 18, 2016

Utah teacher who had sex with three of her students blames parents for not showing the boys enough attention and love…. Sure, that will work in court, right? Only in American can you find a women who sexually abused children and then blame her...
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Why Does Hillary Clinton Get a Pass on Her Domestic Violence Issues?

March 21, 2016
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has a long list of titles to her name. A short list includes First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and female batterer! The first three titles Hillary Clinton has may not surprise you. However, the title of female batterer is one Hillary...
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We’re back!

December 18, 2015
We’re back!

We were hacked offline. Please have patience as we rebuild. Subscribe to our RSS feed for updates.
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The Boy Crisis: Why Isn’t there a White House Council on Boys and Men?

Warren Farrell

Educational Equity for Men and Boys

Jonathan Taylor
national coalition for men
Great website for college students and their parents.

Male Victims of Domestic Violence The Hidden Story

Founder of the domestic violence shelter movement

Male domestic violence victims who have faced discrimination

If you have specific instances of discrimination against male domestic violence victims by any government-funded Domestic Violence program anywhere in the U.S., visit our National Website for instructions on how to file a Federal Complaint.



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