Now the Olympics Are Sexist… Thank You Feminist For Being Dumb As Rocks!

August 20, 2016

“Feminism’s Breaking News”… The Olympic Coverage Is Sexist! Down With Those Evil Men…

According to the Huffingtion Post writer Jenaveve Hatch, the media coverage of the 2016 Olympics is completely sexist.  So who is to blame for this latest brand of sexism? Well, of course, its the “good old boys” keeping with the patriarchy.

Yes… I’m not making this up!

 Jenaveve Hatch based her argument on the notion male commentators use sexist terms to describe female athletes. I can imagine Hatch’s spines standing straight up as she was writing about the overt and intentional comment made by one NBC  commentator who said,

“They might as well be standing in the middle of a mall”

What a commentator supposed to say about several young, giggly and constantly hugging teenage girls? Imagine if  the NBC commentator said, “They might as well be standing in a strip club” or “They might as well be standing in a gay bar”. If the commentator would have said any of these things he would be fired on the spot and forced to pay for a one way ticket back home.

What Hatch and other liberal-feminist want “male” commentators to say is something like this, “They might as well be standing on a college campus” or  “They might as well be standing on the front lines in Iraq killing Muslim men”. Then, and only then, would feminist like Hatch and her liberal allies be happy with any male comment made about female athletes at the Olympics.

Sadly, what Hatch and her feminist friends don’t understand is how extremely sexist her “sisterhood” has become against men. As I was reading Hatch’s article in Huffingtion  Post -Women section, I could not help to notice another article talking about “White Male Privilege” at the Olympics.

Writer Emma Gray blasted three Olympic swimmers, including Ryan Lochte for filing a false police report. She goes on to write,

“… when the benefit of the doubt is given freely to white men when they mess up – even in cases like this one where they actually may have broken the law – and yet, withheld from others, it perpetuates entrenched systems of racism and sexism”

However,  isn’t this more true of women? Lets face it, most college rape reports and domestic violence allegations are false. Adding insult to injury, the vast majority of women who falsely accuse men walk away from their crimes without criminal charges. Most prosecutors fail to charge these women in the name of justice. Take for example the Duke Lacross Case, University of Virginia (Rolling Stone) and even Brian Banks’ case to name a few cases where women walked away from their horrible crimes based on their gender.

It is clear to me, and most likely you too, Hatch and Grey cannot see their own social advantages due to living as privileged woman in western society. However, as a male, if I asked them to “check their female privilege” in any way they would then accuse “me” of sexism. Clearly, this is the double standard all men experience on a daily basis where women receive a free pass.


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