Attractive School Teacher Who Had Sex With Students Blames The Parents

April 18, 2016

Utah teacher who had sex with three of her students blames parents for not showing the boys enough attention and love…. Sure, that will work in court, right?

Only in American can you find a women who sexually abused children and then blame her actions on the children’s parents. I guess we are all victims in America, especially female rapist!

Brianne Altice who was 37 years old at the time she had sex with her three male students is crying “foul” in a response to a civil lawsuit filed by parents of one of her victims. The Daily Mail reports the parents are suing Davis High School in Salt Lake City Utah and Brianne Altice who had sex with their son and was later convicted on three counts of sexual assault. Brianne Altice faces at least 2 years in prison.

 The lawsuit by the parents claimed Altice wore revealing clothing which was sexually enticing to young men in her classroom. Altice denies these claims saying she received no complaints over her work attire. Nevertheless, her courtroom attire demonstrated her sex appeal in her professional clothing.
 Writing in her own defense, Altice explained if the boy’s parents showed him more attention and less conflict in the home she would not have had to step into their role. Altice believes her caring nature and genuine affection for the child who had little parental support and love at home led to the affair. Apparently, the sex was a means of comforting the “unloved” lad.

The Point

 Only in America can a women commit a horrible crime, be found guilty of three felonies then plead she was the “real” victim. Sadly, Brianne Altice is not the only woman to claim a victim status after after a horrible crime.

Jody Arias claimed she was raped and abused by her boyfriend after she killed him in cold blood.

 “Jackie” claimed she was a victim of rape and Rolling Stone’s feminist retards swallowed her story hook, line and sinker. The falsely accused young men were tormented for weeks until Rolling Stone they retracted the story and admitting fault. Of course, Rolling Stone refused to drop the false rape narrative and backed the female reporter who made the false allegations. Of course, the young woman at the center of it all was still treated like the victim while the magazine published the names of the real victims in national news outlets. Now that is justice… if your a liberal-feminist news agency! However, a judge in the civil trial will force “Jackie” to finally testify so justice can finally be served in a minor way.

However, in an age where women are earning more college degrees than men, starting more small businesses and more independent than ever,  why are women still claiming some type of “victim hood” in America?

 I have a theory that might enrage a few feminist. After all the decades of women’s rights, anti-discrimination laws, domestic relations laws, alimony and domestic violence laws pushed down our throats we forgot one thing… With rights come responsibility!
That’s right ladies! If you want equal rights you should expect responsibilities that come with these rights.  Brianne Altice had the right to get a good education (probably paid for by her father) get married to a man that financially supported her and was able to dress in all the latest sexy fashions to get men’s attention, although she was married.
Nevertheless, when an adult women sexually abuses children that is one step beyond a woman’s gender privilege in America. When  Brianne Altice used her gender card and corresponding victim hood in court she learn the hard way the rights she has been given finally came with some responsibility. Of course her sentence is minor and she could clearly find the next unlucky guy to use financially. However, she could no longer escape the responsibility of her position as a classroom teacher to keep kids safe.
Richard Cassalata M.Ed., ABD
Arizona Chapter President

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